This May, Nova Scotia is home to the
Atlantic Active Transportation Summit

As municipalities, non-profits, governments, students and community organizers across Atlantic Canada work hard to advance active transportation initiatives, the East Coast is seeing amazing projects and plans come to life. This Summit aims to share the great work taking place in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland and Labrador! Our goal is to support the expansion of active transportation in Atlantic Canadian communities.

Who is this for?

The Summit invites attendees from across the sectors, including:

  • First Nations, and municipal, provincial and national governments and agencies
  • Non-profit and community organizations
  • Private sector businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Academics

This Summit welcomes an inter-disciplinary delegation from:

  • rural and urban planning
  • civil and transportation engineering
  • environment and energy
  • public transit; sustainable transportation
  • property development
  • health promotion; public/community health
  • recreation and sport
  • public education
  • post-secondary education and research institutes
  • population groups (e.g. youth, senior, people-with-disabilities, ethnic or cultural groups)
  • community leadership and administration
  • law enforcement

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Organizers and Sponsors

The Summit is hosted by the Active Transportation Committee of the Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities. Many thanks to our sponsors for their support.